Meet the team

Hesham El-Masry

Senior Partner

Mr. El Masry is a founding partner at the firm, with broad experience in virtually every field of the law, including civil, criminal, Shariah, commercial, banking and real estate.

Afaf Marjan Nasib Mubarak

A native Emirati, Ms Mubarak is licensed for UAE courts at all levels, and handles civil, criminal, Shariah, real estate, banking, corporate and commercial law.

Abdulkareem Estatieh

Formerly a judge, Mr. Estatieh has over 37 years of experience preparing defences, drafting memoranda of association, renewing and dissolving local and foreign companies, and registering commercial transactions.

Mohd. Baker A. Estatieh

Mr. Estaitiya holds an MA in Commercial Law from Aberdeen University (UK), and specializes in commercial law & arbitration; banking and corporate claims; contracts, defences and memoranda; registering, dissolving or liquidating companies; and registering trademarks.

Ibrahim Eid

Originally from Egypt, Mr. Ibrahim has practiced for more than 15 years in civil, criminal & Shariah law, assisting clients in commerce, banking, and real estate.

Mohamed Hussein

Mr. Mahamed has a BA in Law from Tanta University in Egypt, where he began his career in 2001. Since 2006, he has been practicing in the UAE, handling civil, criminal & Shariah cases, and numerous contractual needs.