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Before arbitration proceedings, our team carefully examines the dispute from all angles in order to provide you with the best strategic advice.

We’ll get to know your company and its priorities thoroughly, ensuring your interests are always in our focus.

Our insight into the rules – both written and unwritten – gives you the edge you need for a successful outcome, whether plaintiff or respondent.


Mediation resolves disputes by finding agreement between the parties. It may be attempted prior to litigation, or at any point during a lawsuit.

Our mediators have the special negotiating skills necessary to lead this often-delicate process. We will strongly defend your interests while working towards a just consensus.


Our track record in representing clients before local and federal courts at all levels is second to none in the UAE. Our team is tireless in devoting its full energy and expertise towards winning each case.

Litigation can be a difficult experience. Let us guide you through the process wisely, ensuring your rights are always protected and your goals in reach.


Sometimes sound legal advice is all that’s needed. Whether it’s an hour of contract review or a much longer look at the big picture, we’ll go through your unique situation carefully to propose the best course of action.

Company formation

Ensure your start-up starts on the right foot. Our expertise in the legal aspects of establishing a company will put your new business on a firm foundation.

 We assist all types of organizations, including LLC’s and free zone entities.

Contract drafting and review

On the road ahead, a well-executed contract can be the difference between a smooth journey and a very rocky ride. Make sure you’re protected on paper.

Our firm handles contracts for all manner of needs, including:

  • Service contracts
  • Employment contracts
  • Consulting contracts
  • NDA / confidentiality contracts

Business taxation

A smart, informed approach to taxation will enhance the profitability of your company and keep it in the government’s good books. 

We prepare and file business taxes, as well as provide comprehensive counsel in planning and structuring transactions to minimize tax ramifications. We also advocate for clients in matters of tax collection, audits or litigation.

Business taxation

We serve debtors by settling, collecting or rescheduling debts. We take all necessary legal action to pursue financial and legal claims on behalf of banks and commercial companies (for personal loans, car loans and credit card debt).